Sudan Medical Laboratory Journal

Omdurman Islamic University

Five samples of Sudanese camel urines were analyzed separately. Protein of camel urine was hydrolyzed using HCl to extract amino acids. When lead acetate was added, lead sulphide precipitate was formed(1). This proved the presence of amino acids containing sulphur (cysteine and methionine). The ninhydrin test showed the presence of α amino acids. Alkaline Copper sulphate showed the presence of proteins, (Buirt test). The absorbance peak of protein in the UV appeared at 350 nm indicating the presence of Keratin. The presence of keratin was confirmed by TLC technique, where the standard camel urine samples had the same Rf value. The average concentration of  Keratin in camel urine was 0.037 M (5500ppm), which indicted that camel urine contained a high concentration of keratin.


Key WordsQualitative. Quantitative, Keratin, Camel urine