Sudan Medical Laboratory Journal

Omdurman Islamic University


Sud Med Lab J 2016; Volume 3 issue 1 5

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     :  Comparative Genomics of MycobacteriumAminopeptidases
  :  Abualgasim E Abdalla1, 2,Mohammed Elfatih Hussein2, HaithamEltigani Mohammed Elawad2, Pang Lei1,Xiangyu Fan1, Jianping Xie1*

     :  Aminopeptidases are exopeptidases that selectively remove amino acids sequentially from the unblocked N-termini of peptides and play an indispensable role in regulating various cellular activities suc
  :  Nadia, M . M1., Shamseldein. H. Ahmed2 and Galal, M. Yousif3Nadia, M . M1., Shamseldein. H. Ahmed2 and Galal, M. Yousif3

     :  Qualitative and Quantitative Estimation of Keratin in some Sudanese Camel Urine samples
  :  Omer Musa1

     :  Isolation and Identification of Streptococci from sore throat in Khartoum E.N.T. Teaching Hospital
  :  Ibrahim, A.E¹. Elsanousi, S.M².

     :  Synthesis of Amino-N-(Lysinomethyl)-Tetracycline as a new Antibiotic
  :  Himmat, M. A. Fadul1

     :  Evaluation of Serum Hepcidin Level in Sudanese Patients with Anemia of Chronic Renal Failure
  :  Amged hussen Abdelrhman1* Enaam A. Abdelgader1 andAlfadul, Mohannad Alhadi1

     :  Evaluation of Cholesterol, Triglyceride, Calcium and Glucose Levels in Sudanese Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease
  :  Rabie Elagib Abdallah1* , Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed Elshaikh1, Alhag Osman Seleman1, Mohammed Ali Abbaker1 and Mohamed WidatallaDafalla1

     :  Medicinal Uses of Mannich Bases
  :  Anwar, E. M. Noreljaleel1, Himat, M. A. Fadul1,Saad, M. H. Ayuob2andM, Abdel Karim3