Sudan Medical Laboratory Journal

Omdurman Islamic University


Sud Med Lab J 2014; 2(2): 1-8 4

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     :  6- Antibiotics susceptibility test patterns of bacterial species isolated from the human gallbladder bile of Sudanese patients
  :  Abd-Ulgadir, K. S.1*; Hussein, A. M2; Ibn Ouf, M. A.2; Abosalif, K. O3.

     :  7- Serum copper and iron status in Sudanese pregnant anemic women
  :  Eltayeb, M. T1*; Amjad, H. A2; Hassan, M. I 3 and Gaafar, M1 .

     :  8- Plasma urate level in hypertensive Sudanese patients in khartoum state
  :  Shoaib, O. M1,* ; Abd Elaziz, Mona, A2.