Sudan Medical Laboratory Journal

Omdurman Islamic University


Sud Med Lab J 2011; 1(2): 1-6 2

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     :  1- Correlation between urea level and HbA1c level in type 2 diabetic patients
  :  Abdelsalam KA1, Mohamed Elamin AE1

     :  2- Relationship between follicular fluid selenium of Sudanese women with polycystic ovary syndrome
  :  Tayrab, E1; Modawe, G2; Khattab, A3; Elobeid, M4; Ashmaig, A.4

     :  3- Low birth weight and risk factors among neonates delivered in Khartoum Teaching Hospital in January – February 2007
  :  Aisha, A.M.B.1; Merghani,T.H.2; Mohammed, E.J.1; Hafsa, A. H.1; Rabab, K.H.1; Nihal A. E1

     :  4- Prevalence of obesity and overweight among the female students in basic school levels in Omdurman- Sudan
  :  Ahmed, Aisha M. B; Ahmed, Hoyam, A; Mohammed, Tagwa, E; and Alawad, Samia, S.

     :  5- Gastrointestinal parasites among inmates in Omdurman prison
  :  Rasha, R. Gillini1; Asha A.A2; and Saad M.B1

     :  6- Schistosoma mansoni infection and its association with hepatitis B virus in Keryab Village
  :  Saad, M.B1; Asha, A.A2; Abdelmagid, A1.

     :  7- Study of hypoglycemic and anti-diabetic effect of grape fruit ethanolic extract on hyperglycemic glucose induced rats
  :  Samah 1; Elsadig. Tamadur 1; and Abdulkarim, Hind 1

     :  8- Evaluation of various techniques used for the diagnosis of Schistosomiasis
  :  Abosalif, K.O.A1; Abdalla, H.S2; Altayeb, M3; Abdelsalam, K.A1

     :  9- Serological and molecular diagnosis of toxoplasmosis in pregnant women in Omdurman, Khartoum state
  :  Satti, A.B.1; Suliman, H.2; Suad, B.M.3

     :  10- Anti bacterial activity of Psidium guajava and carthamus tinctoruis against respiratory tract infection
  :  Hamadt-Allah, Y.E; Ali, Nagla, M; Mohammed, Sahar, I; Mohammed, Shaza, T.