Sudan Medical Laboratory Journal

Omdurman Islamic University


Sudan Medical Laboratory Journal 1 (2011) 1

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     :  1- Affect of grand multiparity on HDL-C level in normal pregnant Sudanese ladies
  :  Abdelsalam, K. A. and Mahgoub M. E.

     :  2- Maternal thyroid hormones and human chorionic gonadotrophin concentrations of Sudanese pregnant woman
  :  Hamza K. M. Bashir A. H. and El Bashir H. E.

     :  3- Cholesterol of normal immature neutrophils comparison with acute myeloblastic leukemia cells and normal neutrophiI
  :  Sami K. M. Marco H. Mohammed S. M. and Tompson K. P

     :  4- The rate of anti-Toxoplasma antibodies in females in Umdawanban village, Sherg Elnil (Khartoum North
  :  Abbas E. and Saad, M. B

     :  5- The prevalence of Schistosoma haematobium among the population of Keryab village, Sharg El Nil, Khartoum North with emphasis on secondary bacterial infection
  :  Bakhit H. A; Shanan S. and Saad M. B

     :  6- High density lipoprotein in familial apoprotein AI deficiency
  :  Ajeeb E. J., Belal F. A., Almasri M A., Tawfeeq J. W., Amanuel S. P., Samih M. M., Marco H. T. and Moa L. L.

     :  7-Calcium permeation and blocking effect in human leukaemia cells
  :  Saeed M. V., Farooq A. D. and Aweida, M. K

     :  8- Protein-carotine – enriched flaky snack food (Rugag)
  :  Sid Ahmed,S. M. Ahmed, A. R. and Ibrahim, N. M.

     :  9- Prevalence of group A rotavirus among children in Khartoum state
  :  Hemidan, M. N. Shigidi, M . T and Ali Y.H

     :  10- The in vitro effect of the snake venom in Sudan on haemostatic mechanism
  :  Rustom M. O., Bashir A. I.